How To Get Free Website Traffic

There are two ways to get traffic to your website.  Paid traffic, like google adwords and free traffic.  I will tell you how to get free website traffic.  I understand that most people that start an online business, don't have the budget for expensive google ads.  You need free traffic and lots of it.  I will cut to the chase and tell you my top ways to get free website traffic.

Top ways to get free traffic:

  1. Write a lot of keyword rich articles on your niche. You can write a bunch of articles on your niche and publish it on article directories like Ezinearticles.  You can put a links to your site and this way you will get free website traffic that is targeted as well.
  2. Make a lot of videos and submit them to all video sites.  You can use Camtasia (or Camstudio is free) or other video tools to make loads of videos and upload them to various video sites with one click using Tubemogul.  Put a link to your site in the video's description and see your free website traffic skyrocket!
  3. Use social-bookmarking and submit all your articles and webpages to the biggest social bookmarking sites like, digg, stumbleupon, propellor, reddit, delicious, buzz etc.  Addthis is a very helpful tool to add to your pages, where you and other people can add the articles to all these sites with the press of one button.  This works really well, in the short term and also builds up your backlinks to your site. It's definately one of the best ways to get free website traffic, especially in the short term.
  4. Use social media like Facebook and Myspace. Nothing is easier than to start a free profile with Facebook, Myspace, or whatever other social media you choose.  On Facebook you can start groups, like my money making facebook group, post links on your and other people's groups and also update your status with links to your sites. This is a great way to build trust, a steady following to your sites or products and of course to get free website traffic.
  5. Micro blog with Twitter! The new social media and micro-blogging site is becoming very popular and is one of the best ways to get thousands of people to see links and descriptions of your sites.  You can get hundreds of free hits/day if you build a big Twitter following.  To make this easier, you can use an automated way to get thousands of followers with The Twitter Online system or Twitter Traffic Machine.  This way is potentially one of the easiest and best way to get free website traffic on autopilot.
  6. Use old posters, flyers, business cards and drop cards. Yes, print out some nice advertisements of your websites or products and go stick them up at bus stops, shops, signs, walls or wherever you want. You can drop your drop cards at tills and shops.  You will not believe how many people will grab the opportunity to do this.
  7. Post regularly in active forums. Join a few popular forms in your niche and make a lot of interesting posts and comments.  Make sure to have your link in your signature.  This will also build some nice backlinks for free website traffic.
  8. Email marketing. You should definately get a good autoresponder, like Aweber, and build yourself a list.  In a matter of months you can have a huge list of potential customers that you can mail at will with your offers.  This could bring you a lot of extra sales.
  9. Create related blogs! Create a blog at Blogspot or with wordpress about every product that you promote and put a few articles about your product in there.  Get free website traffic when you use all your links in these blogs. Blogs tend to rank up pretty high with google, so it gives you good backlinks.
  10. Viral Marketing can really get you a lot of free traffic if you start to promote your link a bit. It's pretty easy to do.  Most sites require you to view a few sites to get started and you then promote your link.  All the people that you refered, have to view your site as well and the people that they refer and so, for many levels deep. So if you refer 3 people, and they refer 3 people and so on and so on, you can actually get thousands of hits and get free website traffic easily.  I can recommend Million Ez Hits, if you want to try viral traffic.
  11. Traffic Exchange sites. You can get an unlimited amount of free hits to your website with this kind of free website traffic, you are only limited by the time you put in.  You have to surf different people's sites and get credits for doing so.  These credits are used to "buy" views for your website, banners or text ads.  So, for instance, you view 100 sites, 100 people will view your site.   It's best to use a good splash page for this traffic to get the surfer's attention.  Sign up pages work well.  The top Traffic exchanges I can recommend would be Easy Hits 4u, Traffic Splash and Traffic Taxis.  Use all 3 at the same time, taking turns surfing the sites, you will build credits quickly.

There are many other ways to get free website traffic, and with experience you will find which ones work best for you.  If you are considering using paid advertising, like Adwords, I recommend you get a good guide like, The Commission Blueprint or The Clickbank Code, to help you step by step to setup profitable campaigns and make huge commissions. If you don't you could lose a lot of money very fast.

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