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What is Google Sniper?

Google Sniper is a new product by George Brown and it got
Google Sniper Clickbank sales proof screenshot rave reviews and great results all over the internet.  When you read through the great testimonials in the Warriors Forum and elsewhere, you can really get a good idea of how efficient this system is.

But of course, I can't promote this product with a good conscience, if I haven't tested it out personally.

My results were rather shocking…  This simple little “Sniper” strategy actually works.

We quickly saw a simple system that would be great for the new online marketer. Sniper sites are only based on 1 keyword…that’s it. The whole system is based on a FREE concept with FREE site building and FREE traffic. Once, again great for the new affiliate marketer who might have a tight budget.

What appealed to us even more was the time-saving factor. We are fairly successful building and marketing niche sites, but boy do we work hard. These little sniper sites only take 2 to 3 hours to build…that’s it!

The Big Question is - What can Google Sniper do for you?

If you have 2 to 3 hours to put up a site following George’s step-by-step plan (including video instruction), you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The only out-of-pocket expense you will have is the purchasing of a domain name and web hosting. You can get a domain name for 10 bucks and hosting will run you 10 bucks a months for unlimited domains.

The price point is even a no-brainer for the potential.

Many would consider George’s system too simple…but it flat out WORKS, and after implementing the Sniper System and putting it to the test, I can honestly say that George Brown has delivered on his promises.

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You have probably figured out by now that we give  Google Sniper a “thumbs-up” because it WORKS!

One of our goals in our business is to never recommend a product that we have not used and tested ourselves. Since we actually use the system and have tested it, we have found a few very minor “gaps”.

Not every product is PERFECT!

If you are a complete beginner, you might need some extra help on some of the very basics like setting up hosting, getting a domain, pointing your names servers, etc. George covers these steps but not in complete step-by-step fashion…but don’t worry…our bonus will help with that.

The Google Sniper System uses the WordPress platform for creating your website. Once again, the main steps are covered in the course but George does suggest for you to check on the web for WordPress tutorials if you need more assistance.  Be sure to check out one of our bonus components on WordPress, because we’ve got you covered!

And lastly, George’s system is all based on using only 1 keyword and staying within strict parameters for that keyword and competition levels. So, what happens if you “miss” slightly with completion levels? You might end up at the bottom of the 1st page of Google or even worse on the 2nd or 3rd page. George suggests for you to use your other methods of promotion if needed…but doesn’t really give you a PLAN. No worries…as part of our bonus we are handing you our own simple personal promotion strategy that will have your site rising in rank ASAP. Check it out in the bonus section!

Here is my AMAZING exclusive Bonus Package if you order Google Sniper today:

SEO made easy

Bonus 1 (Valued at $96)
Google Sniper does give you some strategies on SEO, but they are not always suited for the beginner, what they don't give you, you will learn from Brad Callen's SEO made easy guide.  This comprehensive guide shows you exactly how to optimize any site for high rankings in the searh engines.  It includes:
  • Understanding search engines
  • Keyword research
  • Choosing web address
  • Secret SEO techniques
  • Meta tag generation and placement
  • Simple site design
  • Pay per click advertising
  • and much more

Top SEO Free tools

Bonus 2 (Valued at $85)
20 SEO Free Tools by Patrick Chan gives you all the secret tools that high earning webmasters use to accelerate their traffic and rankings.

  • Learn tools that will skyrocket your SEO rankings
  • Get free tools to help you
  • Learn how to use the top SEO tools easily

Your first wordpress blog for beginners

Bonus 3 (Valued at $69)
Google Sniper suggests that you know the basics of wordpress and setting up a blog. Maybe, you know how to setup a blog, maybe you don't, but if you want to know the basics and ins and outs of starting a wordpress blog, then you should definately have this great guide.  It includes:
  • Buying your first domain name
  • Getting your first hosting account
  • Installing your first wordpress blog
  • Configuring your blog for big profits
  • Posting good content
  • Good link management

Complete guide to creating your own website

Bonus 4 (Valued at $96)
This amazing guide will is the only guide you need when it comes to creating your own website, including:
  • How to start your own web site
  • How to choose a web address
  • How to set up your FTP
  • How to edit and publish your website

Internet marketers guide to free traffic sales and profits

Bonus 5 (Valued at $125)
Google Sniper shows you how you can get long term traffic just by researching 1 keyword.  If you want even MORE extra traffic, but don't want to pay for it, this comprehensive guide shows you how.  It includes:
  • How to get free traffic
  • How to boost response
  • Get repeat vistors
  • Get free backlinks
  • Build your own list
  • Using free traffic
  • Get back end marketing

Explosive traffic system free

Bonus 6 (Valued at $96)
A unique report that will help you to explode your traffic for free, because all internet marketers can use more free traffic.  It includes:
  • How to use Article directories
  • Improve your web traffic with classified ads
  • How to use all forms of free traffic the right way.
  • Using Forums to get unlimited back links
  • Social bookmarking sites properly.
  • Social Networking sites for insane profits

Bonus 7 (Valued at $397)
A giant pack of 200 products with Master resell rights that you can use for your marketing needs OR sell and make money from.  You can even use this as an incentive to give away on your Google Sniper sites as bonuses to make even MORE sales and profits.  You get 100% of the profits from your sales of this products!
My personal SEO advice, tips and critique on your websites with special help! Special Bonus (Valued at $250)
In addition to all these amazing bonuses, I will give you my personal help and advice on the SEO of your sites. I will even critique your sites for you. You could pay thousands for personal SEO tips like these, but I will give it to you for free, because I want you to become successful and I truelly beleive that Google Sniper can help you to get there.
Total Value:  $1214

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